When can the parish expect funds from the diocese once the campaign is finished?

Parish Share funds will be distributed in accord with the sharing formula every quarter until the five-year pledge payments come to an end.

Will parishes be asked to conduct the Diocesan Service Appeal along with the Witness to Hope campaign?

The DSA will be conducted as normal in 2016 but will be funded through Witness to Hope in 2017. All parishes will conduct the DSA at the normal time in 2018.

Will funds raised for the Witness to Hope campaign take away from offertory support for the parish?

In presenting the campaign, it will be important to emphasize that all gifts to this extraordinary effort should not reduce other giving commitments to the Church but be made as an extraordinary sacrifice from the faithful Catholic community.

How will parishioners be made aware of the progress of their parish and the overall Campaign?

Campaign updates will be published regularly in Faith Magazine as well as local parish bulletins to keep parishioners informed on the Campaign. Regular updates can also be found at the campaign website – www.witnesstohope.net. Detailed updates will be distributed to parishes every week with their campaign pledge and payment status.

Who do we contact if we have any additional questions regarding the Campaign?

You can call the Campaign Office - 517-342-2473 or you can email the Campaign Support Team coordinated by Lisa Weber - lweber@dioceseoflansing.org

Does this campaign affect the school assessment in the future?

The assessment will continue. The dollars raised in the campaign for financial aid will augment the assessment funds and allow more needy children to benefit from diocesan support. While these funds will make a tremendous difference in the amount of aid available they will still not meet the entire need for financial aid.

Can donors designate their gifts to particular case points?

Generally, there will be no designations allowed. The Case for Support is balanced and includes elements that most donors will find very attractive.

Can the diocese use the money raised in Witness to Hope for any purpose outside of the campaign case statement?

Canon and Civil Law require that monies raised for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose only.

Will the parishes be assessed on the capital campaign proceeds?

Any monies raised via the Witness to Hope campaign will not be assessed.

How will parish goals be established and how will funds be shared with the parishes?

Parish base goals will be set at an amount equal to the 2015 Offertory reported by the parish. Funds will be shared in the following manner:

Standard Campaign Parishes – (Goal = 1X Offertory)

  • 35% of the Amount Raised up to the Parish Goal
  • 65% over the Parish goal, up to 120% Bonus Goal.
  • 100% after reaching the Bonus Goal

Critical Needs Parishes conducting a Standard Campaign - (Goal = 1X Offertory)*

  • 50% of the Amount Raised up to the Parish Goal
  • 75% over the Parish goal, up to 120% Bonus Goal.
  • 100% after
How will the funds raised be distributed?

The funds raised for the diocesan Case for Support will be spent only for the areas designated in the case statement. Parishes will also establish how their share of the campaign funds will be used. There will be an Allocations Oversight Committee established to ensure that all campaign proceeds are distributed in line with the stated Case for Support. Regular reports will be made regarding the distribution of funds. The portion of the funds raised that are designated for endowment will be spent in accordance with the Spending Policy of the newly formed Catholic Foundation. Parish

How much assistance should each parish expect from the Campaign Team?

All parishes will receive on-site campaign counsel as well as marketing and administrative support from the Campaign Team. Your parish director will guide the parish through every aspect of the campaign, from set-up to follow-up. All materials and suggested presentations, letters, etc. will be coordinated and provided by the Campaign Team, working closely with the pastor and parish leadership.

How much is this campaign costing the Diocese?

Campaign costs are estimated at four to five cents per dollar raised. Ninety-five to ninety-six cents of every dollar raised will go directly to support parishes and the work of the Diocese.

Will each parish be responsible for printed materials and postage?

The Diocese of Lansing will be paying for all campaign costs including printing, design, production, mailing, postage, database management, pledge processing, acknowledgment and reminder letters.

Will this campaign cost my parish any money?

Parishes conducting a “standard” campaign will not incur any costs. Parishes that elect to conduct a “combined” campaign will incur a cost for the additional time that the professional campaign support team will be spending at those parishes.

What is the goal of the Witness to Hope campaign and how will it be allocated?

The goal of this campaign is to raise a minimum of $65 million. The campaign will fund a diverse balance of critical pastoral and financial needs to strengthen our ability to fulfill our shared mission. The largest portion of the funds raised will be returned to parishes to meet local capital needs, build endowments and strengthen parishes for the future. The detailed allocations plan can be found in the Campaign Case for Support and will be published in the campaign collateral materials.

Why is the Diocese conducting Witness of Hope at this time?

After completing his pastoral letter, “Go Announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ” Bishop Boyea began an internal analysis to determine how best to ensure that the Pastoral Letter could be implemented. The analysis showed that parishes and the wider Church needed resources in key areas of Evangelization to reach out to the Household of Faith, the Lost Sheep and the Court of the Gentiles. Strengthening Parishes, Forming Youth and Young Adults, Evangelizing & Living Our Faith, Caring for Our Priests and Supporting Ongoing Ministry will all be critical elements of the Witness to Hope

If the parish does not reach their set monetary goal (either standard or combined), are they responsible for the difference?

There will be no assessment to the parish if the set goal is not met. All that is required is a best faith effort by the parish.

Will all parishes participate in the campaign?

Every parish across the diocese will participate in the Witness to Hope campaign sometime between July 2016 and December 2017.

Bishop Boyea has discussed three outcomes he hopes to achieve from this campaign, what are they?

The three outcomes for Witness to Hope Bishop Boyea has spoken about are as follows. First, he hopes to strengthen the parishes of the diocese. This is where the hope of the Church lies. It is where evangelization, formation and living the Gospel occur. Second, is to teach Stewardship across the diocese. Every Catholic household will be asked to participate by making a sacrificial offering to strengthen their parish and to support the ministry of the wider Church. Finally, to emphasize that we are Catholic; our Church is universal and each of us has a responsibility to support

What is a Combined Campaign?

Parishes with extraordinary local needs, new construction, major renovation or restoration work, debt reduction or other pressing pastoral needs that require a more concerted effort for support can elect to conduct a campaign that will “Combine” parish needs with supporting the wider Church. The minimum goal for a Combined Campaign is two-times 2015 Offertory. Parishes that elect to conduct a Combined Campaign will receive additional professional counsel at a reduced fee. Parishes conducting Combined Campaigns for new construction or restoration/renovation must follow all normal