Strengthening Our Parishes

One of the most important aspects of Witness to Hope is strengthening the parishes of the Diocese of Lansing.  It is in the parishes that our faith is evangelized, and where the faithful meet Christ in sacrament and worship.  Bishop Earl Boyea has made this one of the cornerstone principles of the campaign, and has worked to introduce an innovative new fund-sharing process.

Traditionally, in diocesan-wide campaigns, funds are split using a formula that allows both the parishes and the diocese to achieve their goals. Witness to Hope, however, is introducing a new sharing formula that will provide parishes with a much larger share of the funds raised. This new formula will provide for those parishes that conduct highly successful campaigns even more resources for local needs, and is an incentive for every parish to engage the support of as many parishioners as possible.

To read more about the details of the fund-sharing process for Witness to Hope.